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11/01/09 - Check out our new website!
We've finally got our new website up and running. A lot has been improved on our new site, especially the product photography.
We hope you like the new, clear, high-resolution photos of our products. A special thanks and a big slice of raisin pie goes out to all
here who've worked on the new site. You know who you are. - Mike Peacock

Here's what's on the new site:

Check out our new home page. It's got a whole new look.
All new high-resolution photos of our products.
View them in real life detail.
Sign-up for our New Ride Rides newsletter located on the home page and keep up on the latest from us.
Who's got a Wide Ride? Check out the latest artists endorsing our products.
Lots of new clickable, expandable photos of our products throughout
Business friends of Wide Rides section. You'll find links to other company's unique, really cool products.

So check out our new site. And to all our friends and customers who helped make Wide Rides a success, we want to pass on a big
heapin' helpin' of thanks! You guys and gals are great!... Now, get out there and play!