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02/20/09 - Wide Rides Guitar Straps Granted US Patent (Finally!)
Yes, it's true. At long last it's finally true! As of February 17th, 2009 Wide Rides Guitar Straps has finally been granted a US Patent
for our Load Distribution Technology, and the use of Velcro hook and loop closures on a guitar strap!

We started this patent process in early 2003. At that time Wide Rides really wasn't much of a business. The product was still in the
concept phase and we were mainly giving out free samples to our friends and fellow musicians in return for feedback and exposure.

About that time somebody casually remarked "Maybe you should get a patent on
your idea." And that set us going down this path. And what a path it's been.
Arduous, expensive, never-ending, fraught with obstacles; those would be good
descriptive words. We should probably be thankful we didn't also encounter
snakes along the way! But seriously, it's been a very, enlightening experience and
we've all learned a lot in the process here at Wide Rides.

So it's taken almost 7 years for the patent to come to fruition, but in those 7
years we've developed the manufacturing process, improved the product
tremendously, developed our own specialized graphics printing process, marketed
our product and develop a customer base, and much more.

We're in the process currently of expanding our product line to include many new
colors and graphics. We also plan on applying our patent to other instruments
requiring a strap. In the near future we will also be introducing several new
innovative music related products designed specifically for the needs of
performing musicians.

And so to all our friends, family and customers who've supported us and believed
in us all along the way, we'd like to pass along a big thanks. None of this could
have happened without you.

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