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09/29/09 - Jonathan Montoya of Saliva now uses Wide Rides
Jonathan found Wide Rides Guitar Straps at a backstage product review while the band was out on their 09' summer tour. We're
not sure if he was drawn to our jump-out'n- grab-ya'-graphics, or just our unique design, but he soon discovered another reason
to love a Wide Ride.

At some point in Saliva's show, while Jonathan's performing a solo, somebody comes out and pours a beer over him! Hey, not a
problem in and of itself, except that Jonathan's other guitar straps would absorb some of the beer and in a short time would begin
to, well… smell. With a Wide Ride being made of waterproof materials, there is no beer absorption and thus, no smell!

Jonathan called to tell us he was happy as a clam in mud about not having to toss his Wide Ride in the garbage because of the
smell. "This is the first guitar strap I don't have to throw away because it starts stinkin' to high heaven after just a few shows!" he
told us. In spite of Jonathan's stage presence he turned out to be just a real decent, courteous, down to earth kind 'a guy! We
really like him. And ladies, he's got a great southern accent!

And Jonathan was certainly not just all southern talk, either. True to his word, he went out of his way to get us these absolutely
great pictures! These are some of the best product endorsement shots we've ever received from any artist, hands down.

Just take a look at these shots:

So Jonathan, thanks so much for not just giving Wide Rides a try, but for really pulling out the stops for us. We're just a small company and we've really put
our heart, soul and a lot of sweat into our product, and so it really means a lot to us for you take us on! Thanks again. Dude, rock on!

-Wide Rides Guitar Straps