Every guitar and bass player knows what a pain it is to adjust a conventional guitar strap. If you've got a Wide Ride, you've just moved to a whole new level of easy. That's the beauty of our Velcro adjustment.

Just rip it loose using the handy "grab tab", pull the strap up or down through the heavy steel loop, and reattach anywhere on the strap. It's that easy! Just rip, slide and reattach!

You can even adjust your strap on stage, in the middle of a set, between songs, all while you're wearing the guitar! And the Velcro bond is incredibly strong!


Our unique Dual-Adjustment Point System employs Velcro adjustments at both ends of the strap. This allows you to keep the pad centered on top of your shoulder regardless of your shape, size, playing position, or the location of the front strap button on your guitar.

Let’s say that the shoulder pad is extending too far down your chest. Simply lengthen the front strap and shorten the back strap in equal amounts until the pad is centered over your shoulder in the proper position.

Because of the Velcro Dual-Adjustment Point System, Wide Rides Guitar Straps have a greater range of adjustment than similar padded guitar straps. So no matter what, a Wide Ride has got you covered.

Click here for instructions on how to properly adjust a Wide Rides Guitar Strap.

“I love the Velcro. It’s so easy to adjust and you can do it on the fly. No worries on the strength, it’s way strong.”

Chris Bryant
Garageland Rodeo